Welcome to Mentaction - providing Employment Law and HR solutions for employers

Mentaction works with businesses of all shapes and sizes - from SME's to the largest multinational companies - across most sectors.


The common theme is that those businesses are employers. Our rationale is to help employers to do "people things" well.


So, if you are an employer, why might you want to work with us ? Perhaps that is best answered by example:


  • Imagine that you are facing a difficult one-off issue such as suspected gross misconduct - perhaps theft or violence or harassment of another employee. You want to be fair - the suspicion may be unfounded; equally, if the suspicion turns out to be corroborated by the evidence, you will want to end the employment relationship as fast as possible. And the very last thing that you'll want is to discover afterwards is that you have mishandled the process of investigation and dismissal, finding yourself facing an Employment Tribunal claim from a disgraced ex-employee - or worse still, actually lose the Tribunal case and face a "morally unjustified" payout. Our role is to help you get the process right in the first place; and if, despite your doing so, you do end up facing a Tribunal claim, we can support you through your response and defence.


  • Alternatively, imagine that there is nothing untoward on the horizon but your business has great potential growth opportunities. You are anxious to build the skills of your management team to take full advantage of those opportunities. Our role in this case is to work with you and your management team to design and deliver the means of helping them to develop. The programme could involve a number of formats....what it will definitely be, in every case, is tailored to best fit the needs of your organisation and of the individuals in your management team.


Those are just two examples. We could give many more. On the other hand, we don't cover every HR topic - we don't know of any advisor who does - the field is just too wide. Instead, we concentrate on selected areas where we feel that we can be of real value to our clients.


To read more about the areas in which we may help you please read the introduction to our services or go direct to one of the following topics:


Tricky HR Issues


Handling Employment Tribunal Claims


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