Are you facing potentially difficult HR situations ?

For example, are you planning the departure of a long-standing or senior employee ? Needing to make one or more people redundant ? Merging or outsourcing part of the business ? Or looking to change HR policies or pay structures ?


All of these actions should go smoothly if handled well – but if handled badly, they can be very expensive both in terms of management time and money.


Mentaction can support businesses through these tricky HR situations. The aim is to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible whilst achieving the desired business outcome.


Sometimes it is impossible to avoid a contentious situation; if that is the case, you have the comfort of knowing that the process which you have followed is a robust one.


If an employee or ex-employee eventually makes an Employment Tribunal claim, it is essential to complete the response form accurately, pleading the appropriate defences. We will do this for you and, if the claim progresses through the Tribunal stages, we will represent you. For more detail on how we can help you handle Employment Tribunal claims, click here