What we can do for Employers

The phrase may have come to be over-used and consequently sound trite, but in many organisations, it really would be true to say "our people are our greatest asset".


Mentaction provides a range of services for employers – whether handling one-off situations  or working with you on a regular basis in the development of your people and your organisation. We help organisations from SME's to major multinationals and our team have worked in or with a huge range of sectors.


Some people-related situations may arise only occasionally but, when they do, handling them well becomes critical to the welfare of the business. You can read more about how we can help you with many such situations here and about some specific examples on other pages of our website such as how to handle an Employment Tribunal claim and the key people elements when a merger or acquisition is planned or has taken place.


Quite aside from the out of the ordinary, the well-being of your business is likely to depend on how you interact with your people: we should be delighted to work with you on developing your current and future leaders, for example, or engaging the whole workforce.


We can assist too with regular occurrences such as recruitment – translating your vision of the role and the person you seek to fill it into a clear job specification and a definition of the skills, attributes and experience. We can, if required, manage responses to advertising and analyse the applicants for their fit to the specification, assist with interviewing or – for appropriate recruitment exercises – build and run an assessment centre.